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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Dec 13, 2023

Jenny and Dave Marrs have been restoring and renovating historic homes since 2004. You may know them as the stars of the HGTV show Fixer to Fabulous, where they showcase their amazing work in their charming hometown, Bentonville, Arkansas. 

Jenny and Dave believe that beautiful spaces are often imperfect and full of character, much like those who live there. Faith, family, and community are the driving forces behind everything they do, and I’m so excited to have them share their story with you today.

Listen in to learn more about the heart behind the work that they do, their passion for nonprofit and community engagement and what it means to lean into intentional living. 

5:35 – Jenny and Dave 101

  • Moved to Arkansas in 2004
  • Started a family building company
  • Getting picked up by the HGTV network 

12:02 – Cultivating Hope

  • Jenny’s fundraiser that evolved into a nonprofit
  • Establishing a partnership in Zimbabwe
  • Empowering orphaned teenagers through agriculture 

19:49 – Called To Adoption

  • A heart for adoption and family preservation
  • Misconceptions about adoption and foster care
  • Acknowledging the brokenness and trauma that comes with adoption

28:25 – Home and Heart

  • Incorporating charitable passions into their HGTV show
  • A passion for restoring older homes and preserving history
  • The logistics of moving a home to a new location
  • The cultural shift in homeownership

51:04 – Intentionality In Your Space

  • Jenny’s book release
  • Making your home work for you and your family
  • Where to find Jenny and Dave


“There's so much beauty in adoption and redemption and all of that but it is all very much rooted and trauma and loss and brokenness, which is just the reality.”

“Your family's story changes…when we moved out here 10 years ago, our twins were just about to turn four. Now they're bigger than Jenny is…there's always a shift and a juggle to make it fit our family's current needs.”

“You can always paint the walls back and sell it… you can make changes and take risks… it's about giving yourself permission to love the space where you live.”