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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jan 3, 2024

We’re kicking off the new year with Bill and Kristi Gaultiere. They are Doctors of Psychology and founders of the Soul Shepherding Institute, a ministry dedicated to helping pastors, leaders, churches and more thrive with Jesus in emotional and relational health.

Bill and Kristi have authored several soul care books and resources, such as their newest book, “Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith.” I’m so excited to have them on today to explore the relationship between our spiritual lives and mental health. Stay tuned as we talk about how embracing our feelings can lead to greater joy, peace, and spiritual growth.

4:25 – Bill and Kristi 101

  • A background in counseling and ministry
  • Starting Soul Shepherding in 2009

9:21 – Psychology and Faith 

  • Spiritual Directors vs Spiritual Counselors 
  • All truth is God’s truth
  • Embracing emotions to deepen your relationship with others and God

19:43 – The Enneagram

  • Using the Enneagram as a tool for spiritual growth 
  • Unconscious sin, dysfunction, and areas of growth
  • Dealing with distressing emotions to cultivate positive emotions

27:15 – Embracing Emotions, Empathy, and Faith

  • Anxiety as a repressed emotion
  • Empathy and understanding with the Enneagram 
  • Jesus’ emotions and faith

38:12 – Breaking Free into Greater Joy

  • Taking action when dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Finding words for your emotions + seeking support
  • Bill and Kristi’s recommended resources


“We just realized that all the people who are helping other people are prone to neglect their own soul.  And so that's our niche, to reach in there for the people that are really committed in their relationships in their work... and to really help them care for their own soul so that their work, their ministry, can be coming out of the overflow of God's love to them.”

“God doesn't want us to be hiding our emotions. He wants us to be emotionally honest with him, like the psalmist.”

“Jesus shows us perfect faith in God. He shows us how to have healthy feelings and thriving faith. He shows us how feelings and faith are not necessarily enemies. Some people think that they don't get along with each other, but actually being aware of our emotions and learning to care for our emotions and other people's emotions…helps us become more like Jesus.”

Soul Shepherd Website-

“Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith” Book-

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