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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

May 8, 2024

My guest this week is Emily Morrow who founded the social media channel Really Very Crunchy with her husband, Jason, in 2022. Since then, her platform has rapidly grown, amassing over 3 million followers and more than a billion views across various video platforms.

Emily is passionate about living a natural and sustainable lifestyle, and she uses her platform, along with her incredible sense of humor, to educate and inspire others on their journey to a healthier, toxin-free life.

Her new book, Really Very Crunchy: A Beginner's Guide to Removing Toxins from Your Life Without Adding Them to Your Personality, is now available wherever books are sold, with her upcoming children's book, Little Helper, Big Imagination, set to release in July 2024.

Stay tuned as we chat about her journey into crunchy living, navigating the comparison trap, the power of small changes, and so much more. I absolutely loved getting to know Emily and hope this conversation leaves you smiling and feeling inspired!

1:45 – Emily 101

Emily’s new book release
A mom of two boys
Moving to South Korea
Falling into content creation

15:52 – The Crunchy Journey

How Emily started making healthy lifestyle changes
Finding what works for your family
Creating relatable, non-judgemental content online
Navigating feedback and perception along the way

26:28 – Crunchy Living in Practice

 How family members have supported this lifestyle
What crunchiness looks like on a day-to-day for Emily’s family
Universal childhood experiences

37:51 – Takeaways

Focusing on what’s best for your family
Making realistic lifestyle changes for you
Connecting with Emily


“If you can't make all the changes, choose one thing…It doesn't have to be this big, extreme, and scary thing. You can make little changes.”

“I hope that people are able to resist falling into a comparison trap. Honestly, I hope that people realize the only person they have to convince that they're doing their best is themselves.”


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