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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

May 2, 2018


There are a lot of misconceptions around the topic of human trafficking. So many people think it happens in other countries or it happens only to people living in poor conditions or that it looks like a guy in a big white van zooming in and snatching people off the streets. While that may be a tiny, tiny bit true… and I mean, a VERY TINY BIT true… human trafficking in reality looks very different. The fact is, is can and DOES happen right here in our own backyards… to kids - both boys and girls - we interact with every single day. 

My guest this week is Anna Ptak… Today’s episode is a little different than usual… Anna is an overcomer of sex trafficking. She is taking her story and sharing it with others as a part of the fight to end this horrific reality for so many around the world and in our own communities. I am in awe of her. Anna joined me live in the studio and our conversation was tough and deep and rich and fun and so many things. It’s going to inspire you. 

About Anna: 

Anna Ptak is currently an international keynote speaker as well as an Overcomer and policy consultant in the movement to end Human Trafficking. Anna has conducted speaking tours in both New York and California. Anna’s story has been published internationally in editorials such as Asian Geographic and The Examiner. Anna was recently featured on the national talk show The Doctors and Univision’s Primer Impacto. In 2015, Anna showcased her ethical fashion collection during NYFW with garments made by Overcomers of sex trafficking in Nepal. Anna guest lectured at the University of Malta on Child Trafficking Law and has trained numerous governmental agencies and law enforcement on human trafficking. Anna lobbied for anti-human trafficking bills at the Virginia General Assembly and assisted in arguing, drafting bills concerning Human Trafficking including the Safe Harbor Law in NC. Anna also served as the guest speaker for many organizations such as for The National Center on Sexual Exploitation and Shared Hope International. Anna has assisted in writing both national and international policy. Anna has a large focus on establishing the link between pornography and sex trafficking. In her spare time, Anna loves spending time with her husband, and their adorable puppy, Liam Alexander.

Connect with Anna:

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