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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jan 31, 2018

It is estimated that there are nearly 150 million orphans worldwide. There’s a worldwide orphan crisis… maybe you’ve heard or maybe you haven’t. But it’s a crisis and it’s not getting better. one of the harsh realities of the orphan crisis is that many children, are not actually orphans… but their parents have had to surrender them or give them up because they simply cannot afford to care for them. Adoption is beautiful and adoption is amazing, but adoption is just one solution to the orphan crisis. One of the greatest things we can do is PREVENT kids from becoming orphans in the first place. What if one of the ways we could prevent orphans was just to change the way WE shop? What if we empowered men and women worldwide with jobs that pay fair and living wages so they can care for their children? 

My guests on the Business with Purpose podcast this week are Angela Lan and Kara Menning, the founders of Beautiful Uprising, an ethical fashion truck and online boutique based out of Salt Lake City, Utah! You know my dear friend Emily Sexton with The Flourish Market? Well, Angela and Kara have a fun connection to her that you will love hearing about. Kara and Angela and amazing and I know you’ll enjoy this episode! 

About Kara Menning:

Kara's education on ethical purchasing started many years ago but only after bringing two of her children home from Haiti in 2013 did it turn into more than a “should.”  In visiting the beautiful country of Haiti, she realized that what the developing world needs more of is dignified work, and that sustainable work leads to orphan prevention.  Kara is a wee bit obsessed with fashion and a thoroughly exhausted mother of six.  She's wife to Mitch who encourages her crazy and only sometimes regrets it, and she's also a nurse practitioner who likes to challenge the status quo.  Loves of hers include watching her kiddos turn into humans who can have intelligent conversations, connecting all the unique and amazing people in her life, and music of all kinds.

About Angela Lan:

Several years ago, via friends and an article, she was introduced to the practice of fair trade.  Ever since learning more about it and more about the working and life conditions of women and families in poverty both in the US and abroad, it has led to her asking, “other than posting articles on social media that has convicted me, what can I tangibly do?”  Beautiful Uprising has been and is one of her vehicles to educate herself as well as a pursuit of spreading awareness to others.  Angela studied International Business at Pepperdine University and then worked in Finance with a large defense contractor for about 11 years.  She is mama to her sweet girl ("P"), a food and drink enthusiast, and a sentimental hoarder.  She loves sitting with a friend over a meal, going to food markets of all kinds, and being provided toilet seat covers in public restrooms.

Connect with Beautiful Uprising:

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