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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jun 15, 2022

My guest today is Noell Jett, the creative force behind the popular Jett Set Farmhouse, which you may have seen on Instagram and TikTok.

Noell shares the unbelievable story behind her beautiful 3,700-square foot custom farmhouse in Florida – built by hand and savvy influencer marketing – and the key strategies she learned while overcoming a difficult past.

Since her husband Daniel is a contractor and she has a love for all things home, it is no surprise they dreamed of building their own home since they met. It took them eight years of planning and searching to get their home just right for them and their four – soon to be five – children.

In her new book, In From the Ground Up: Building a Dream House---and a Beautiful Life---through Grit and Grace, Noell shares the inside story behind their farmhouse and delivers a compelling vision for people who want to discover how to overcome their pasts and achieve their own dreams.

4:37 – Noell 101

  • Her Jett Set Farmhouse story started four years ago, but no one saw all the hard work they put in the years before.
  • Their life goal was to build a house and grow their social media platform.

8:37 – A sheltered childhood

  • Noell grew up in southwest Missouri in a poverty-stricken part of the country.
  • She grew up in what she calls a religious cult and was sheltered from the outside world.
  • The only taste Noell had of the outside world was at her grandmother’s house, where she read Better Homes and Gardens magazines.

14:13 – An intentional mother

  • Noell is an intentional mother to her kids and her kids’ friends. The friends often confide in her because she is available and supportive.

16:39 – Personal responsibility

  • She encourages her kids to follow their values and live a life of personal responsibility.

20:58 – A new relationship with God

  • Noell hit rock bottom after a divorce.
  • After meeting her now husband and his family, she had a new relationship with God and felt like God still loved her.

26:05 – Noelle’s life story

  • From the Ground Up tells Noell’s life story through the building of her house and the lessons she has learned.

31:24 – Patience in house building

  • They didn’t plan on framing the house themselves, but her husband wanted it done perfectly. Noell had to be patient as the process moved very slowly.

34:04 – Hopes for her book readers

  • Noell wants her readers to know they can accomplish more than they ever dreamed.

36:56 – Get to know you

  • Guilty pleasure? Maldon sea salt
  • Favorite book recently? The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah


Sometimes we have these dreams and these aspirations that we look toward, but we don’t really know the gravity of what we could accomplish.

One day you may look up and be like, “Wow, not only did I accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. I’ve accomplished so much more than I ever dreamed possible.”

God is love, and He is goodness … and He loves us just the way we are.


About Noell Jett: 

Noell Jett is the creative force behind the popular Jett Set Farmhouse, where she and her husband Daniel, along with their four children, share their lives, DIY tips, cleaning and organization hacks, recipes, homeschooling advice, and their home building journey with their millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram. In her debut book, FROM THE GROUND UP: BUILDING A DREAM HOUSE —AND A BEAUTIFUL LIFE— THROUGH GRIT AND GRACE, Noell tells her incredible life story of growing up in an impoverished family with extremist religious beliefs, breaking free from the shackles of her past and building a life that she loves. The book shares the story of how she and her husband Daniel built their dream house with their own hands - and with the help of savvy social media marketing.

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