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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Oct 4, 2017

It's been reported that there are nearly 40 million slaves in the world today. There are more slaves today than during the entire 400 years of the trans-atlantic slave trade. When we say the word "slaves" we are talking about men, women, and children who are caught up in the horrors of human trafficking. It's a harsh reality. And it can feel overwhelming when we read / hear / see the facts and figures. 

And while it might seem crazy... something CAN be done about it. 

Wendy Dailey and Michelle Bridgeman of International Sanctuary and PURPOSE Jewelry are my guests this week and they are doing whatever they can to impact the lives of women affected by human trafficking all over the world. This episode is powerful and gives us HOPE that when we take action, change really can happen. 


Originally a Northern California native, Wendy grew up with an appreciation for culture. Her love for diverse cultures and passion for justice leads her desire to grow the organization to a global level. Though she never thought she would dabble in business, since her background is in education, Wendy thoroughly appreciates the opportunities International Sanctuary has given her. Wendy's crusade to see survivors of all nations given the opportunities to successfully progress into their future is what motivates and helps her build the organization on a daily basis. 


After graduating from Cal State Long Beach, Michelle started working in marketing for a travel company.  Her surroundings helped to ignite her passion to see the rest of the world. Soon after she decided to take a year off to join a missions trip called The World Race to 11 different countries! Michelle first heard about iSanctuary while in India on a human trafficking awareness trip throughout Southeast Asia. After becoming aware of the immense injustice, she felt compelled to somehow get involved. She discovered iSanctuary had an office in Orange County and started volunteering as the Social Media Coordinator. This led to being hired on full time!


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