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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jul 1, 2020

It’s Episode 200, and today’s guest is the one and only John Stillman, my husband! I knew for this episode I’d have to invite my special guest back to the show. His first appearance was Episode 100, and since my listeners loved it, I thought it was about time I brought him back for another interview! It’s hard to believe we are here at 200 episodes. It was a different time when I launched this show in the summer of 2016. I certainly didn’t think then about being at episode 200. We have some fun things planned including listener-submitted questions, a review of the top 10 episodes, and more!

4:31 – Kicking things off with the first user-submitted question which is actually a question that many of you asked: “What have things been like for us over the past few months?”

  • We’re both self-employed. John has a financial advising business and media company and went from working in an office to working from home with me!
  • During quarantine 2020, we’ve developed some habits and routines that John enjoys very much, especially getting Chipotle for lunch every Monday. We don’t know what we were doing on Saturdays before Covid-19, but we’ve finished a number of house projects that have been waiting for us to complete them and enjoyed leisurely prepared breakfasts and slow mornings.
  • Since I’m working at home and home-schooling, implementing true rest on the weekends became important too, which led us to examine our Sabbath and really for the first time, intentionally carve out a time for rest on the weekends.
  • John’s weeknight habits have changed too. He’s much less inclined to do any work on his laptop in the evenings, compared to when he was working all day in the office. He’s been more disciplined in keeping his workday confined to regular business hours because he’s already home all day. We both feel much more efficient, too.
  • It’s been really nice to be home together. When John started returning to the office for half days, it was actually much harder than either of us thought it was going to be!
  • The biggest adjustment for me has been recording podcasts at home. I usually go to the recording studio, but moving all of that into well, basically my closet, has been a big transition.

10:19 – User Submitted Questions, Let’s Dive into the Q&A!

10:40 – Question One: “What is your favorite quality about the other person?”

12:57 – Question Two: “John, you have edited nearly all of Molly’s podcasts episodes. Which one, or which ones have stood out to you. Do you have any particularly favorite interviews?”

14:12 – Question Three: “How do you build your business as a woman without losing your marriage?”

21:03 – We’re going to take a quick break from questions to recap the top 10 episodes of the first 200 of the Business With Purpose podcast! These are the most popular episodes based on the highest number of downloads + a few honorable mentions of my personal favorites:

21: 30, #10 –Episode 129: Chris Solt, Executive Director at Fair Trade Federation

21:47, #9 – Episode 149: Llenay Ferretti, Ten Thousand Villages & Bhava World Project

22:04, #8 – Episode 100: The 100th Episode Spectacular with Guest – My Husband!

22:22, #7 – Episode 110: How To Know If A Brand Is Ethical

22:41, #6 – Episode 139: Mark Choyt, Reflective Jewelry

24:04, #5 – Episode 136: Fair Trade Federation Conference Recap

24:26, #4 Episode 130: Solo Episode, So You Just Marie-Kondo’D Your Life? What to Do with All Those Things That Don’t Spark Joy

25:37, #3 Episode 137: Rebecca Smith, Better Life Bags

26:20, #2 Episode 135: Kat Eckles, Founder of Clean Juice

26:38, #1 Episode 71: Devan Kline & Morgan Kline, Founders of Burn Boot Camp

27:25, Honorable Mentions: These are some of my all-time favorites in no particular order:

27:36 Episode 165, Santiago, “Jimmy” Mellado, Compassion International President & CEO

28:03 – Episode 115, Antonio T. Smith Jr., From Living In A Dumpster to Self-Made Millionaire

28:32 – Episode 101: Barrett Ward, Founder & CEO of ABLE

28:59 – Episode 155: Sharon Hodde Miller, Author, Speaker, Theologian

29:34 – Episode 124: Leon Lee, Founder of Flying Cloud Productions, Producer of “Letters From Masanjia”

29:41 – Episode 153: Comedian Kevin Fredericks, Aka @kevonstage

30:56 – Back to your questions! The first one is for John: “Do you ever feel like a #instagramhusband ?

35:13 – “Do you have any first steps or resources for couples to get on the same page financially before marriage?”

37:49 – “Do you think couples should combine their finances?”

40:43 – “Where do you see the other person in 10 years”

41:53 – I loved that someone asked us the question I ask all my guests: “What does it mean to you to run a business with purpose?”

46:40 – My answer to “What does it mean to you to run a business with purpose?”

Thank you for the support that all of you have given me. I truly would not be doing this if not for you being on this journey with me. For those who’ve left comments, I appreciate it so much! If you want to leave a review, it is much appreciated and helps me know how the show is helping you. Subscribing and sharing is also incredibly helpful. Thank you for being a part of this community and learning more about doing something with purpose, on purpose with me!

If you’re not a member of the “Purchase with Purpose” Facebook group, it’s a great place to ask questions and learn more about fair trade and ethical fashion.

Here’s to 200 episodes and here’s to you! Thank you for your questions and thank you John for joining me!