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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Oct 27, 2021

My guest this week is Teneshia Jackson Warner. She founded EGAMI Group in 2007 and has accumulated more than a decade of experience in multicultural marketing, project management and inspirational life coaching.

As CEO, Teneshia has led the agency from a dream concept to a thriving multi-million dollar business, delivering award-winning work for major brands, such as Procter & Gamble, Verizon Wireless, Dasani, Rosa Regale, General Motors, Target, KFC, Major League Baseball, Delta and more.

In 2012, Teneshia released her first book, Profit With Purpose: A Marketers Guide to Deliver Purpose-Driven Campaigns to Multicultural Audiences, which earned rave reviews as the first-of-its-kind to be focused on multicultural, purpose-driven marketing.

Teneshia is the recipient of a number of career awards, including the coveted Black Enterprise Rising Star Award, Black Enterprises Forty Under 40, AdColor MVP and The Network Journals Forty Under 40 Award. She’s also been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Essence magazine and Black Enterprise, along with guest appearances on ABC News and The Steve Harvey Show for her entrepreneurial and purpose-inspired successes.

3:28 – Teneshia 101

  • She is headquartered in New York and is a creative at heart.
  • Beyond being a CEO, Teneshia says she is definitely a dreamer and believes in the impossible. She loves setting her own path and even being called crazy sometimes.
  • She is passionate about inspiring other dreamers.

4:59 – What sets EGAMI apart?

  • Proctor and Gamble is a long-standing client, and they created a campaign to celebrate black beauty.
  • Her team helps companies understand their brand purpose.

9:59 – Helping people fulfill their dreams

  • Her dreamers’ boot camp is a four-phase approach.
  • Teneshia wanted to create a system that other people could follow to create their own success and follow their dreams.
  • Phase 1 is identifying the dream and putting people through exercises to figure out where they get their best ideas. For some people, it’s in nature.

17:30 – From Idea-land to reality

  • Ask yourself what you need to do in the next 12 months to make your dream come true. What about the next 90 days?
  • It needs to be measurable and attainable.

23:42 – Learning from obstacles

  • Tapping into your dream warrior within is key if you’re going to be on a dream journey for a long time.
  • You need to fight the dream giants who will be in your way.
  • Obstacles come. Are you willing to fight?

30:15 – Her next dream

  • Teneshia wants to expand EGAMI group and its footprint and impact in the world.
  • She wants to help dreamers globally and give them action-oriented plans.
  • Personally, she would like to put health and wellbeing at the forefront of her life.

35:08 – Get to know you

  • What’s on her most played playlist? Some song by Prince
  • Fictional character she wants to meet in real life? Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City


I realized I chose a career path based on earning potential with little to no regard for passion or purpose.

I made myself a promise that I want to design a life where purpose and passion leads, and I want to see where it takes me.

Beyond that title of CEO, I am definitely a dreamer.



Teneshia is the founder and CEO of one of the nation's most successful multicultural marketing and communications firms, EGAMI Group. Her book, The Big Stretch: 90 Days to Expand Your Dreams, Crush Your Goals, and Create Your Own Success, is a soul-searching, life-transforming, 12-week boot camp that reveals how to get from where you are to where you dream to be – in life and in business.


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