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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Nov 10, 2021

My guest this week is Grant Trahant. He is the founder of Causeartist, a global community of conscious consumers, social entrepreneurs, business leaders, and the individuals who support them, who believe social enterprise can positively impact the world.

Causeartist’s founder, Grant Trahant, grew up in New Orleans, where he was introduced to social issues at an early age. He became fascinated by the idea that businesses could solve societal challenges — skipping over the need for political intervention.

He began seeking out social entrepreneurs to learn more about what they were doing and how he could be involved, and uncovered a bustling world of enterprises determined to make the world better through business.

Today, Causeartist has told the stories of hundreds of brands and business leaders to people in more than 200 countries. Grant operates Causeartist with a growing team of media experts, writers, and editors, all of whom are passionate about improving systems and lives through the power of social enterprise.

4:42 – Grant 101

  • He created Causeartist 8 years old to showcase ethical and sustainable alternatives.
  • As the years go by, consumers want to understand more about what they buy.

11:55 – From the beginning

  • Bridget Hilton, founder of LSTN Headphones, is a good example of someone Grant has known from the beginning and watched her growth.
  • You don’t have to be doing $5 million in revenue to make an impact and have a good business.

16:09 – How to become successful

  • There is so much technology to develop something that could scale really well with just you.
  • The barrier to entry is to start your own thing. You can scale ecommerce very quickly.
  • Don’t start too big with too many products. What do you want to see in the market that doesn’t exist?
  • Don’t make it complicated. The best brands and companies Grant has seen have started with one product.

22:23 – Hurdles

  • Passion always helps, especially if you love what you do. The bad times come and go.
  • Little wins mean the world and can help you keep going.

30:19 – Life-changing stories

  • Grant’s friend Trinity is one of the most inspirational people he knows. Trinity grew up in the slums of Uganda and was living on the streets. He was saved by a group and given a laptop. Technology changed his life.

35:59 – Job creation vs. career creation

  • How do we create careers instead of just jobs?

38:28 – Get to know you

  • Most played playlist? Lo-fi music – no words and very chill acoustics
  • Something we would never guess about him? He’s massively double jointed


One product can turn into an entire business.

As the years go by, consumers want to understand more about what they buy.

You don’t have to be doing $5 million in revenue to make an impact and have a good business.

Don’t make it complicated. The best brands and companies I’ve seen have started with one product.



👋  Grant is the founder of Causeartist, one of the most influential impact business platforms in the world. Since 2013, Causeartist has been read in over 200 countries. Grant has personally interviewed over 650 impact entrepreneurs from around the world, highlighting innovations in ethical fashion, climate change, ethical technology, impact investing, and sustainable travel. (Also recently launched

👋  Grant is also a professional Web Designer and Developer, specializing in building e-commerce solutions for startups, modernizing platforms and donation funnels for nonprofits and NGOs. Grant also consults with startups and businesses on how to create a media brand within their companies infrastructure to drive new customer acquisition and customer retention through content marketing and high quality SEO content.

👋  Grant is also a proud partner and advisor to Charity Charge. The Charity Charge Mastercard is the only credit card program created specifically for nonprofits and is now benefiting over 1,000 organizations across the country.


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