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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Nov 15, 2017

There are two types of people… people who say and people who do. I’ve spent a good portion of my life trying to be someone who does… not just someone who says. Let’s be honest, this isn’t always easy. When we see a problem in the world, it can be really easy to say, “gosh, someone should really do something about that.” It’s a whole lot more difficult to actually be the one to say, “Maybe that someone is me…” Is there something in your life or in your world that is heavy on your heart? Is there an issue you’re passionate about? A calling you feel on your life? Have you been talking about doing something for a long time but you haven’t actually taken the steps to DO it? Maybe today’s the day you take that first step to, well… actually do it. 

My guest this week is Lia Valerio, the founder of MALIA DESIGNS, a fair trade handbag and accessory brand that is employing disadvantaged people in Cambodia and also directly impacting the anti-human trafficking movement. I love Lia and I love this company and I can’t wait for you to hear her story… 

About Lia Valerio: 

Lia Valerio is the Founder and President of Malia Designs, a socially responsible fair trade brand that designs and sells handbags and accessories.  Malia’s products are handcrafted in Cambodia and every purchase helps to fight Human Trafficking. While traveling through SE Asia, after serving in the Peace Corps in the South Pacific, Lia fell in love with the kind and generous people of Cambodia and its rich and beautiful culture. During her initial trip to the region in 2000, she purchased many textiles and was also introduced to several fair trade organizations that worked with marginalized populations to expand their access to sustainable income. In 2005, Malia Designs was formed to increase economic opportunity for women in Cambodia and to support organizations that fight Human Trafficking. Lia continues to be inspired by the artisans she works with and deeply appreciative of the opportunity to make a positive impact through Malia. Lia lives in Evanston, IL (just outside of Chicago) and is happily married and the mother of two beautiful children. 

Connect with Malia Designs:


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