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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Aug 15, 2018

For years, the downtown area of Harrisonburg, Virginia had an eyesore that its residents had to drive past each and every day. It was a run down, bright pink pornography shop in disrepair. It was a place of hurt and pain and despair. It was a place of so much darkness. It was a place that once closed down, no one thought anything good could ever come of that building. The residents of Harrisonburg thought this old, worn down pornography shop would always be an ugly worthless building taking up space. But today, that’s not the case! Someone saw something in that broken building that no one else saw: hope and healing. My guest this week is Sabrina Dorman-Andrew, the founder of New Creation, a Harrisonburg, Virginia-based nonprofit counteracting human trafficking through education, awareness, design, and hope of Christ. I laughed and I cried in this episode! In fact, the story of New Creation is one the the most powerful stories of redemption I have ever heard. You guys, I’m not kidding - this is a powerful, powerful episode. New Creation also has an incredible online store where you can shop from dozens of brands that are fighting human trafficking. Sabrina gave you guys an exclusive coupon code that is MOLLY for 20% off your purchase now through the end of September. Go to to shop! This was such an amazing episode and I hope my talk with Sabrina impacts you as much as it impacted me! A GOD STORY Starting a business leads to many challenges and one of the first challenges Sabrina faced was legitimizing New Creations. As her brand grew, selling jewelry out of her dining room just wasn’t going to cut it any more. But when Sabrina picked an old pornography shop for the location of her non profit, she faced a whole new set challenges, including figuring out how to pay for this old building. Sabrina and I chat about the her call from God to buy this old pornography store and her amazing community that helped make it happen. BECOMING VIRGINIA’S CHIP & JOANNA GAINES Turning the abandoned pornography shop into the beautiful space that it is now took a lot of persistence and hard work. What was supposed to be a 6 to 8 week project turned into a 14 month project and created many high and low moments. Turning the space from something dark and oppressive into something light and good was no small feat, and I talk with Sabrina about what it took to renovate the building into something wonderful. THE NEXT STEP New Creation turned 5 years old this spring and they’ve worked with 40 groups that combat human trafficking or are involved in the cause of stopping human trafficking. Human trafficking is an overwhelming and daunting issue and Sabrina is continuing to focus of creating an atmosphere where people can feel like they can join in and do something. Sabrina and I talk about educating students about domestic sex trafficking and why she wants to expand New Creation’s online presence. About Sabrina Dorman-Andrew, Founder of New Creation: Sabrina hails from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Her passion for fighting human trafficking quickly developed after volunteering stateside with The Zion Project, and she made it her mission to learn about this issue on a local and global scale. In 2012, she and her husband, Steven had the vision of New Creation. To date they  have partnered with over 40 organizations to help create jobs and empower those vulnerable to and rescued from sex trafficking. She believes we are all called to eradicating modern day slavery, so she continues to develop concepts that will invite others to join in and make a lasting impact.  When not working you will find her spending time with her husband + their children, drinking coffee, thrifting, or snuggling with one of her beloved cats… Nehemiah, Willow, and Oliver. CONNECT WITH SABRINA

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