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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jan 30, 2019

Our lives are filled with defining moments. Tragedy shakes us, suffering changes us, but it’s how we take tragedy, and how we learn from suffering that determines the next phase or trajectory of our lives. We can choose to use that suffering as an excuse, and become bitter, and disheartened, and withdraw from the world, or we can use it to grow.  We can use it to make ourselves better, to make others better, to leave our communities and families better than we found them. My guest today, at the age of 26, nearly died from someone trying to kill her. She could’ve used that experience and let it defeat her, but instead she used it as fuel to impact the next generation for good. A CULTURE OF COMPETITIVENESS Somya and Molly dive right in and discuss how our current culture is one of competitiveness. They discuss various events in history, politics, and religion which have contributed to the society we live in now, one that starts even at the very bottom, educating our children through an elitist system, to the very top, displaying competitiveness in governments around the globe. BREAKING THE CYCLE Molly shares how even on her visit to a local restaurant, she always makes a point to acknowledge and get to know every person she comes in contact with. The two discuss how the simple act of being kind, having conversations (even the awkward ones), can lead to change. Somya share her belief that all human beings just want to be seen, and understood, and if we can all work together to address and relieve each others fears, the world could be headed for a much brighter future. IMPACTING THE NEXT GENERATION Somya’s life passion is education children in a way that will change the world. Her many initiatives surrounding youth education are structured to disrupt the current education system, by providing new research, and facts countercultural to what most children are reading in their history books. Her dream is to see children achieve the same level and quality education no matter where they are born, or what economic bracket they fall under. Influencing what and how children learn from a young age has the power to change our economy, our ecosystem, our society, and the world. About Somya Munjal, Founder & President of Youthful Savings, CPA for the People, and Audacious Endeavours; Somya Munjal is a social entrepreneur whose work focuses on youth education and economic empowerment. As an advocate for the creation of a fair economy based on conscious transacting, education reform and resource redistribution, Somya believes that poverty can be eradicated through equal opportunity and economic and entrepreneurial education. To contribute to the alleviation of these issues, each of Somya’s social enterprises provide economic education, financial planning and resources to build socially conscious businesses. By empowering people in these ways, each project also fosters fiscal and monetary policy reform. Somya is the Co-Founder of Youthful Savings, Managing Partner of CPA for the People, LLP and the Creative Director of Audacious Endeavors. She is also the author of the newly released book, Audacious Endeavors: 8 Steps to Social Consciousness that will Spark Your Inner Fire (Third Edition). She is a member of solution-based, action-oriented organizations dedicated to resolving socio-economic issues, such as the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and the Southern California Mediation Association. Somya is a Certified Public Accountant, FINRA Licensed Financial Advisor, and is Certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation. CONNECT WITH SOMYA

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