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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Nov 18, 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Business with Purpose Podcast Holiday Gift Guide Extravaganza!

I’m so happy to have my cohost Em Sexton from The Flourish Market with me today! This is our 5th year doing this, and when we recorded at this time last year, I don’t think any of us could have predicted what was in store for us for 2020. We hope this year’s Gift Guide brings you some energy and joy for a calm and simple Holiday season. We’ll feature some fun and unique gifts for you to shop. Be sure to go to where you can find this episode’s show notes with all of the Gift Guide details, links, and coupon codes, as well as The Business with Purpose Instagram page ( I’ll have an entire highlight dedicated to the Gift Guide so you can referenced everything in one location. For now, sit back, relax, grab a cup of your favorite cozy beverage, and enjoy with us! We’ll be answering your questions, bringing back the trivia game (you can do it, Em!), and shopping together with purpose!

The Business With Purpose Podcast would not have been able to make it through 2020 without our amazing partners of the show: The Lemonade Boutique, Simple Switch, GOEX Apparel, and Ammas Uma.

5:53 – Question #1 from Molly to Em: If 2020 were a Christmas ornament, what would that Christmas ornament be?

  • Em: First we have to acknowledge that we hold the heavy, hard, unimaginable situation we’ve experienced worldwide because of the level of this pandemic. We have grieved as a team at The Flourish Market for the people behind our products. At the same time, joy, laughter, and rest are signs of resistance against horrible things happening in the world.
  • I have two ideas for ornaments for 2020. One would have all the new things we sell at The Flourish Market in 2020 like masks, branded toilet paper, and cross stitch kits! The second would be the PIVOT COUCH from Friends! The word of the year for business owners has been pivot. Shoutout to all you pivoting in 2020!

8:50 – First Feature: GOEX Apparel!

  • GOEX Apparel is an incredible company that cuts and sews their items in Haiti and screen print them in Kansas City. They have an eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, and even provide custom tees like the Business with Purpose podcast “Do Something Good with Purpose on Purpose” tee!
    • Ladies Red Cardigan – Comes in 5 colors and is your perfect basic, everyday, long cardigan with pockets!
    • Holiday Deer Sweatshirt – Comes in adult and youth sizes!

Business With Purpose Podcast listeners gets 20% off with the code “podcast20”! You can also check out to see my curated collection of my favorite items from GOEX!

11:39 – Question #2 for Molly from Em: What is a new holiday tradition?

  • Molly’s family has been doing a Sunday night family movie night. They watch movies that they have not seen together. The first weekend in November, they started watching holiday movies. Molly’s kids just saw HOME ALONE FOR THE FIRST TIME! They loved it and laughed so much! 😊
  • This year maybe it’s ok to go ahead and put up your Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. Rules are out the window and we encourage you to go ahead and get festive if you want to!

13:55 – Our next feature is from Freeleaf: This company provides employment, wholistic care, and sustainability to at risk, exploited, and abused women. Their tagline is “For a world where women are knot for sale.” All of their products have knots in them somewhere to remind us that women are not for sale. We are also featuring two of their items:

  • Infinity and Pippa Wall Hangings: They are perfect for putting on a gallery wall with framed prints and for those who love home décor, especially since many of us are home more often these days!
  • Harmony Tassel Hoop Earrings: These rose gold hoops with deep purple knotted tassels are the perfect stocking stuffers!

We have another coupon code for you! Use “purpose15” for 15% off at Free Leaf!

17:32 – Here’s our first TRIVIA QUESTION for Em! In the song Frosty the Snowman, what made Frosty come to life?

18:53 – A trivia question for Molly: What is your worst decoration or decorating story?

21:37: Our next company is Simple Switch

  • Simple Switch is your ethical version of Amazon. Right off the bat, we have a 20% off coupon code good for ANYTHING ON THE SITE! Use code “purchasewithpurpose”
  • Simple Switch is also offering free shipping for orders over $200.00!
  • There are a few very unique items here that you might normally go to Amazon to find, but can find ethically-sourced instead here on Simple Switch like fully engravable wood items at all different price points: Money clips, customized items, an engravable flash, all made from genuine cherry and beautiful.
  • Ethical wine and chocolate! There is a variety pack you can customize for yourself and they come in CANS! You can pair that with Molly’s favorite chocolate, Alter Eco Chocolate. They are great gifts to drop off your friend’s porches, order in bulk, and/or stick in someone’s stocking!

26:14 – Next Trivia Question! How many reindeer are featured in the poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas?

27:32 – The Lemonade Boutique’s mission is to work with companies working with women who take life’s lemons and made lemonade. She carries so many gifts for everyone on your list.

  • This year we’re featuring a unique item called Tea Drops. They dissolve in hot water and your tea is ready to drink in just a few minutes! They are ethically sourced and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging without any added preservatives. They’re also made in the US! Em’s favorite flavor is the Chai Spice. They’re also great for tea on the go in a travel mug!
  • The other product is their Quilling Christmas cards. Quilling is an ancient Japanese art form where strips of paper are turned into decorative art. These quilling cards are made in Vietnam by artisans who are hearing impaired. These are beautiful for both sending a note of encouragement and throw in a gift card for some cash for a self-care coffee or tea break!
  • Molly’s favorite products from The Lemonade Boutique are the earrings for young girls! How cute?!

Your coupon code for The Lemonade Boutique is “holiday15” for 15% off! You can also get free shipping on orders of $29 or more!

32:53: It doesn’t feel like the holidays until…

  • Hear about what moments make both Em and Molly feel like it’s officially the holidays.

36:29 – Azizi Life

  • They have been featured on the show before, and Em has actually had the opportunity to travel to Rwanda with Azizi Life!
    • We are highlighting their Sutton Woven Storage Basket. Not only are they great for storing pillows, toys, blankets, and more, they’re also gorgeous with handmade tassels and come in different sizes for unique décor in your home!
    • Hand-Carved Lela Long Handle Measuring Spoon Set: These are unique, hand carved wooden spoons featuring uniquely made handles that are long enough to be stored in a utensil holder with your other wooden spoons.

Use code “mollychristmas2020” for 10% from now until December 31st

41:01 – Beza Threads work with women coming out of human trafficking and prostitution. Their products are stunning hand made leather goods and I cannot say enough good things about them! They have a ton of leather goods, but we are going to feature a few for you today:

  • Mini Tote: Comes in three colors. It’s a great bag for wearing over the shoulder or cross body. You’ll carry it forever!
  • Double Clutch Cross Body: This bag is at such a great price point and is a great sidekick for carrying your keys and phone and all the things you need for errands around town!

Use code “molly15” for 15% off!

44:05 – Time for another question: What is something people love about Christmas that Molly and Em just aren’t into? (don’t “@” us)!

50:23 – Sela Designs sells earrings and other jewelry that will set you apart from the crowd while still being on trend.

  • 100% of profits are donated to several organizations that fight human trafficking like Mercy House and IJM (International Justice Mission).
  • Use code “purpose10” for 10% off! Be sure to check out the earring studs Sela sells that are great for girls with newly pierced ears! And be sure to stay tuned just in case something special comes along for the holiday season! 😉

54:52 – Amma’s Umma has special ties to the Business With Purpose Podcast. Amma’s Umma founder, Chelsea used my Ethical Brand Directory to find brands for starting Amma’s Umma. Go to for a special deal! Today we are featuring some of the new products:

  • Riverside Open Cardi: It has beautiful stripes and is a great weight to throw on between fall and winter.
  • Hand Knit Beanie: Perfect gift for your friends in cold-weather clients. Hand-knit and made in the USA.
  • Use coupon code “mollyholidays” as many times as you’d like for 20% off through the end of December! Amma’s Umma has donated over $22,000 to adoptions, and $75,000 has been sent to artisans, and all that is in addition to providing ethically sourced products. Amma’s Umma is a great gift for your friends who’ve adopted or have a heart for adoption.

57:57 – Trivia! Let’s go EM! In the TV special, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” what are the three words that best describe the Grinch?

1:00:15 – What food items are Em and Molly most looking forward to this holiday season?

1:04:19 - ABLE ABLE started by selling scarves from Ethiopia. You can hear more about their story on this previous episode with Barrett Ward.

  • Today we are highlighting ABLE’s leather goods. They are made in Ethiopia and they invest in local leaders and buy from small businesses in Ethiopia.
    • Rachel Utility Bag – this bag has three main sections and pockets all over the inside! This is the link to send to people who are buying your Christmas gifts!
    • The Debre Wallet – these also fly off the shelves at The Flourish Market! It’s a modern wallet that comes in three colors of leather. It will last you forever and is a great, classic look for a wallet!
    • ABLE also sells jewelry made by domestic violence survivors. The women get to work alongside each other and it raises up a community of strong, empowered women.
    • ABLE is a great ethical gift option for the people in your life who love brands like J.Crew and Madewell.
    • ABLE doesn’t do coupon codes very often, but you’re getting “mollys20” for 20% off (and listen in for a special surprise regarding this code)! Thank you ABLE!

1:10:21– HOT OFF THE PRESS is Elsa Jewelry – They are a BRAND NEW ethical jewelry company that is launching in December. They may not be full launched yet by the time you read this. They emailed me recently and I was so blown away by their products that I wanted to share them with you NOW! I don’t have the coupon code yet but stay tuned for it!

  • “Elsa is the newest ethical jewelry brand on a mission to make 50% of the world’s entrepreneurs’ women. Elsa was born not far from the sea in a small town in Portugal. Each piece is touched by hand and heart and is shaped by women seeking to make something so much more than ornamental. Simple, soulful jewelry. Elsa’s first collection of four designs were intentionally made to fit your every day wardrobe and are perfect for layering.”
  • These will be made of 14 ct gold and handmade in Portugal!

1:13:34 – Rapid Fires Questions with both Molly and Em!

1:16:38 – This brand is not new to the podcast. I’ve had their founder, Amy Blair on the podcast, and has been featured on this gift guide every single year. They are Batik Boutique. Everything is handmade and hand-painted using traditional artist techniques. The gifts we are featuring this year are for men! Men can be hard to shop for so we hope you find some items here to help!

  • Men’s Boxer + Shave Set – comes in a gift box with hand-painted Batik Boxers, shave cream from Italy, and brissel brush.
  • Men’s Long-Sleeved Dress Shirts – straight fit, hand-painted cotton button ups with hints of pattern. Snag these for your men and their Zoom calls!
  • Baking Sets – Baking sets for adults and kids. Each comes with an apron, whisk, cookie cutter, and cookie recipe! Gifting made so easy!
  • Use code “molly10” for 10% off 

1:19:44 – ONE MORE TRIVIA QUESTION: What famous Christmas movie did our beloved Catherine O’Hara star in?

1:21:01 - The Flourish Market – Our very own Em tells us more about the gift section that has exploded, especially during 2020. It’s amazing to think how much The Flourish Market has transformed since the first pop up truck!

When we choose to flourish it should make a path for others to flourish as well. Every dollar you spend is a vote and I want you to think about your daily and holiday ballot box. Don’t feel the burden about how you’re shopping right now but enjoy the experience of shopping ethically in the way you choose the opportunity to realize the power of where you choose to spend your money. You will decide what brands and nonprofits make it through this time we are in in this pandemic and beyond. That’s not a burden, but an exciting opportunity! Your power and impact is real! Thank you so much for joining us today. Let’s keep making opportunities for others to flourish!

Thank you to all of the incredible brands that have been featured here today! We love these companies and would not have them on here if we did not absolutely love buying from them. Please join us in supporting them. Go to and Thank you so much Em for being my cohost toady. I had a blast!

“It’s never been more important to use our platforms and our influence for good.”

Thank you to all of my listeners who’ve been joining us for this gift guide through the last five years for all your support! If you’re new here, welcome! Hit the subscribe button and that will be the best Christmas present for me! Leave a review and tell me what else you’d like to hear!

Whatever you’re celebrating, I hope it’s the best ever even in the midst of 2020! Cheers!