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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Oct 20, 2021

My guest this week is Stephen Scoggins, an award-winning entrepreneur who helps people discover who they are, why they are here and what to do about it. Stephen uses the pain of his past and the lessons he’s learned along the way to help people discover themselves.

Growing up, life was really difficult for Stephen. When he was just 22, he found himself homeless and on the verge of suicide. During that season, a mentor gave him a second chance opportunity.

From there, Stephen launched a multi-million dollar construction company and has gone on to launch several other successful businesses ranging from real estate to thought leadership with top line revenue over $100 million.

Stephen is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of giving others the same gift of freedom he received by offering a practical and empowering education to those looking for a second chance to level up, catapult forward and make their dreams a reality.

4:28 – Stephen 101

  • He’s a serial entrepreneur in the Raleigh, N.C. area. He has written books and is a speaker and life-change agent.
  • He wants to help people master their life.

5:20 – Seven businesses

  • He owns seven business, including in construction, real estate, thought leadership and live event series.

6:20 – Massive life changes

  • The old Stephen wouldn’t have thought the new Stephen was possible.
  • At age 13, he asked God, “Please let me be the one to break the family curse.” He felt led to make that request.

20:30 – The power of mentors

  • As Stephen began doing public speaking, one of the number one questions he got was “Can you mentor me?”
  • He couldn’t say yes to everyone, but he told them that “Mentors are all around you.”

30:37 – Laws of legacy

  • The top 1% on average have 8 to 12 mastery level ways of doing things. Only 26% give that to someone else.
  • Everyone is searching for purpose, but you need to serve the person you used to be.

34:13 – Am I doing enough?

  • Stephen wondered if he was doing enough to help others or if he was too focused on himself.
  • The question is: What lives are you impacting along the way?
  • We all struggle with pride. Focus on being genuine and leaning on God.

42:38 – Self discipline

  • The best advice for self-discipline is: Start small, win big.
  • Make a list of things that are distracting you and what you need help with. Learn as much as you can and put together an action plan.

56:30 – Get to know you

  • Most played song? Gladiator
  • Fictional character he’d want to meet? Wolverine


Never has it been easier in our lives to have direct access to thought leadership.

The secret to one’s amplification and/or success, no matter what that means to you, is simply nothing more than the way you think, because it controls the way you behave.

I want to help people master their life.



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