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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Mar 20, 2024

This week, I'm thrilled to welcome the most special guest ever on my show- my dad. With the release of my book just around the corner (coming out next week- can you believe it?!) I couldn’t think of a better time to have him on the podcast. Together, we dig into some of the stories that are (and aren’t) talked about in my book.

Join us as we laugh, reminisce, and share stories of the joys, the challenges, and everything in between. My dad has such powerful things to say about gratitude, slowing down, choosing love, and finding joy in the darkest of moments. This conversation is so special to me, and I am so excited to share it with you today. 

Without further ado, let’s jump into this conversation with Tom Buckley. 

3:34 – Tom 101

  • Tom’s upbringing + challenging relationship with religion
  • Going to college, joining a fraternity, and career as a teacher
  • Difficulties in marriage, battles with alcoholism and homelessness
  • Tom’s journey to sobriety + spiritual growth

26:49 – Parenting Perspectives

  • Reading the memoir
  • Watching children make mistakes and learn from them

36:28 – Choosing Love

  • Tom and Lynda’s marriage that defied the odds
  • Prioritizing sobriety, God, and the good of the family
  • The importance of love, respect, and kindness

48:28 – Rule 62

  • Looking for the good throughout Lynda’s sickness
  • Not taking yourself too seriously
  • Appreciating what life has taught you
  • Tom’s favorite chapter in the book

48:28 – Life lessons at 80

  • Tom’s life today with Cindy
  • Slowing down and appreciating the present
  • Trusting that things will work out when you get out of your own way


“That's what life is about. It isn't about failure, it's about getting back up.” 

“If you take yourself too seriously, you just lose sight of all the things that really are important.”

“In the ‘getting through it’ stage, you gain experience and knowledge that you can use to get out of it. You can find places for help and guidance that will work.”

“You want to see who the winners are? Follow the laughter.”

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