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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Feb 6, 2019

Let’s pretend for a second that you have a dream of starting an ethical fashion brand. You want to start this brand, you know the designs in your head, you have a clear vision for it, but you have no idea where to start when it comes to the manufacturing component. You look online, you do some Google searches, and you find factories literally all over the world, and you have no idea if they’re ethical or not, you have no idea what these factories might look like, you have no idea what the process is like. What if there was a way to make it easier for people  want to manufacture their clothes ethically? What if there was a way that you could know for sure that these factories are vetted, they’re legit, they’re clean, they’re ethical, workers are working in clean, and safe conditions. What if there was a way you could have all of that taken care of you. My guest this week is Jessica Kelly, the founder of Thr3efold. It is a platform to help you build your ethical, and sustainable fashion brand. EXPERIENCING SYSTEMIC POVERTY After years working in the corporate fashion industry, a mission trip to Africa opened Jessica’s eyes to the way that populations around the world were struggling. She knew she had to do something, and wanted to use her passion for the clothing industry to make a difference. After must trial and error, she realized the great need for a company like Thr3efold. BRANDS MAKING A DIFFERENCE Jessica was on a mission to make a difference. Upon visiting India, and some of the largest clothing manufacturers in the area, many of her stereotypes about mass production were challenged. Molly and Jessica discuss the ways that major clothing retailers like H&M and Target are actually making great strides to change the standards of production. SOURCING ETHICAL MANUFACTURING Jessica discusses the mission of Thr3efold, providing ethical sourcing and manufacturing options for new brands, with hopes to change the industry standard and even provide alternative options for well-established brands. Their online community provides great support to entrepreneurs in need of relationship, which Jessica shares is one of the most important necessities she’s found in owning her own business. About Jessica Kelly, Founder & President of Thr3efold; Jessica cut her teeth in fashion by paying her dues in PR, schlepping 50 pound gowns across Manhattan to Condé Nast and working backstage at NYFW for top brands like Alexander Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch and Tommy Hilfiger. As her career grew, she worked with over 300 brands on a daily basis preparing them for wholesale market, and she began to understand how the overarching industry worked and the many pain points all brands face. It was around this time that she went on a life changing trip to Africa where she encountered severe social injustice but simultaneously the power of sustainable employment and knew she had to start a business that provided that opportunity to people in need around the world. After much brainstorming and an extensive research and development trip to India it became clear what was needed was an easier way for fashion brands to find the trustworthy, ethical factories in order to increase supply chain standards, improve transparency, and positively impact people and planet around the world. CONNECT WITH SOMYA

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