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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Nov 22, 2017

We can all agree to two truths.... Life is beautiful and life is also tough. We all spend time trying to figure out what our purpose is or what we are supposed to do or what job we were meant for. We work hard, we do our best... and then life happens. Maybe it’s a broken relationship, a financial crisis, a death of a loved one, a divorce, or getting fired from a job... and we get into this mindset that life is awful and all these bad things are happening TO us... but have you ever thought that maybe these things are happening FOR us? 

My guest this week is Shaniqua Cousins... Shaniqua is an author and inspirational speaker... let me tell you... our conversation is one of my favorites and she really challenged me to think differently and live differently. We talk about relationships, business, life, death, and race... we cover it all! I even share some really personal things about my own experiences with my mother's death that I haven't shared with many people before. It was a powerful conversation and I know you’re going to be changed by this episode. 

Connect with Shaniqua:

About Shaniqua:  For over two decades Shaniqua Cousins has been a leader and inspiration to many. Speaking, training and writing are amongst the several skills gained during her military career with the United States Navy and post-secondary education. Shaniqua served as a United States Navy Sailor for eight and one half years.  She quickly distinguished herself as a superb leader, mentor, outstanding manager, and one truly concerned for the betterment of fellow sailors and civilian employees alike.  She provided advisory services to senior management to facilitate workforce development and analysis and ensured the achievement of strategic management of human capital and accountability goals within her department. Her meritorious service stemmed from October 1997 to April 2006.  Demonstrating diligence and extraordinary professionalism, Shaniqua led sailors and civilians to meet increased demands imposed by senior officials.   Shaniqua's distinctive accomplishments, unrelenting perseverance, and steadfast devotion to duty reflected great credit upon her and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. She continues to serve her country as a proud member of the Federal Civilian Service. As with her military career, Shaniqua has quickly become a respected leader, outstanding manager, and mentor. As a speaker on numerous topics ranging from purposeful living, enjoying life, goal achievement, and self-improvement, Shaniqua has developed unique and insightful concepts that provide practical solutions for application to everyday life. To date she self-published & authored Life, Experiences, Preparation, and Purpose; Co-Authored My Name is Mommy, Stories of Motherhood and the Lessons it Taught; Founded Shaniqua Cousins World Group LLC; created the website, launched an international Newsletter, and produce and host the international Seek Purpose, Live Dreams TV web series.  Additionally, Shaniqua continues to serve as a guest speaker during numerous conferences, meetings, and social gatherings. Shaniqua has been interviewed by both television and radio personalities across the country, allowing her to share her message of purposeful living to thousands. Through the use of her website, company, publications, lectures, television & radio interviews, and social media, Shaniqua is undoubtedly becoming an influential pioneer of the arts for her generation and for those to follow.


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