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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Dec 20, 2017

I can pretty much guarantee that any business owner will tell you that running a business is hard. Unless you went to business school, there are so many details and unique facets about running a business that it’s honestly kind of hard to be prepared for. And many business owners are really just creatives and when they get to the nuts and bolts part of business, it can be overwhelming! But, one of the best characteristics of a good business owner is understanding when and HOW to get help. It’s important to realize what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are… and it’s important to reach out and say, “I can’t do all of this alone.” Maybe sometimes that means hiring someone to help you or bringing on a business partner who understands the other side of things, or maybe that’s even learning from someone else. 

My guest this week is Jacquie Moesel, the founder of Moesel clothing - an ethical kid’s clothing line. But, why I had Jacquie on the show this week is to talk about the apprenticeship she did this year through Purse and Clutch. This was a really unique and fun conversation and I loved learning from her! I know you will, too!

About Jacquie:

Jacquie Moesel is the Co-founder and Creative Director of Moesel, a children’s clothing line designed by Jacquie in Austin, Texas and produced by a small batch manufacturer and women’s collective in Lima, Peru.  Drawing on her lifetime of love for fashion and a professional career in social services and policy work, Jacquie and her good, good friend of 18 years, Franklin Gutierrez, started Moesel with the goal to provide high quality and stylish clothing for kids through a model that would help support production and economic opportunity for skilled artisans in Peru.  Through close collaboration with the team in Lima, the first collection of Moesel launched in August 2017.

Connect with Jacquie and Moesel Clothing:


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