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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Dec 6, 2023

This week, I am thrilled to have the incredible Ciara Laine Myers as my guest. Ciara is a mother, award winning business owner, and author of the book Glasses Off: Seeing God When Your Vision is Gone.This book is an collection of personal stories and life lessons brimming with heart, passion, and raw authenticity that will resonate with every reader.

In our conversation today, Ciara and I dive into the depths of vision and purpose in life. We learn more about Ciara’s story, what led her to write this book, and reflect on the beauty that comes from embracing both the dreamer and the visionary within ourselves. 

Stay tuned as we chat about the delicate balance between dreaming and doing, the importance of humility in fulfilling our calling, inspiring others with our gifts, and so much more!

2:45 – Ciara 101

  • Growing up in the faith
  • Starting a group counseling center 
  • Being called into the writing industry

8:52 – A Calling To Write

  • A strong calling to stop digital work
  • The genesis of Ciara’s book
  • Finding and living one's purpose, calling, and vision

21:28 – Living With Purpose

  • The role of purpose and meaning in longevity
  • Adam and Eve in the garden
  • Practical approaches for pursuing purpose in your life

33:23 – Balancing Vision and Action

  • The distinction between being a dreamer and a visionary
  • Bringing your dreams to fruition and inviting others into the process
  • Being confident in one’s calling while maintaining humility

43:28 – Closing Thoughts

  • Daily date with God + what this looks like for Ciara
  • How to connect with Ciara


“God is an example to us of how we need to be a visionary. If he had stopped at the dreaming, none of us would exist.”

“How can I serve one person with my gift? Awkwardly? Humbly? Just one soul. How can I do that? If I throw a concert and only one person comes, it's more than worth it.”

Learn more about Ciara: