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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Apr 7, 2021

Happy Episode 240, everyone! Normally, each week I interview a nonprofit director, community leader or person who is trying to make an impact. But it is time for a solo episode, so my special guest this week is my husband, John.

2:21 – One of my most popular episodes

  • My last solo show, episode 230, was one of my most popular episodes. I told the story about us buying a farm. I got an influx of questions from people wanting to know more.

4:10 – Did we always want a farm?

  • John always wanted land. He grew up on a large piece of property and was frustrated as a kid that his family couldn’t have chickens because of the neighborhood HOA.
  • John has been pretty tight with money most of his life, but he believes it prepared him for our big move to the farm.

8:54 – The transition from land to farm

  • We decided to turn our land into a farm because we wanted to be more self-sufficient and self-sustainable.

10:30 – Animals and things we’ll grow

  • We’ll start with chickens. Maybe turkeys later this year and bees. Next year, goats and maybe a pig. I want a horse, but John is not interested in them because it sounds like a money pit. We’ve talked about donkeys.

13:42 – What we want to grow

  • Corn, okra, tomatoes, cantaloupe, cucumbers, watermelons and fruit trees – nothing too exotic. We have a ton of walnut trees. If you have walnut recipes, send them our way.

16:55 – Will farming be our new job?

  • No, it will not be our main job. Part of the goal is to reduce our expenses and create some independence and sustainability.
  • We want to have some revenue associated with the farm. That is a goal we are working towards. We also want to bless people with the food we grow.

18:55 – Do we have a name for the farm?

19:42 – John’s vision for the farm

  • John enjoys doing physical work and wants our kids to enjoy being outdoors and living sustainably.


“We officially moved into the farm last week, and it still honestly feels really surreal.” – Molly

“I’ve been pretty tight with money most of my life.” – John

“My house is worth 75 times my car value, and it’s not cause it’s a million-dollar house. It’s because I have a 2007 Tundra that I bought 11 years ago.” – John

“We want God to just use this place to bless others however He sees fit.” – Molly

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