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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jan 3, 2018

People like to ask me when and how I got started talking about ethical and sustainable fashion. It’s definitely been a process for me over the years and I don’t claim to know it all or be perfect by any means. When I really started learning about the ins and outs of the fashion industry and how harmful it is and how WE are just contributing to it... I knew I had to do something. I knew I had to do my part. Because, believe it or not, one person can make a difference. The ripple effect we all have on each other can make an impact. 

My guest this week is April Auger Perrin, the founder of All Awear, a website dedicated to connecting consumers with the ethical fashion industry! You know this is a topic that I love and I can talk about for hours on end. This was a great chat and I know you’ll love it!


April Auger Perrin began her professional career at the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at the University of Virginia as the Director of Programs and also served in a similar position at the statewide executive leadership program, Lead Virginia. In her work with political and organizational leaders, she recognized the importance of personal branding and public perception. Using her background in public relations, fashion, and her knowledge of perception and image management, April has delivered numerous presentations on the impact of personal brand and image management. 

She intensified her research and skills by becoming an ICF certified coach. Additionally, she was trained as a personal stylist under the tutelage of Stacy London of the “What Not to Wear” TV show. A few of the organizations that April has had the privilege of working with are: CFA Institute, University of Virginia, Junior League of Charlottesville, State Farm Insurance Companies, and Merrill Lynch.   

April has a Masters Degree in Non-Profit Studies from the University of Richmond, where she wrote her thesis on fashion-related social entrepreneurship. In June 2017, she launched All Awear as a culmination of her work in fashion, styling, and the nonprofit sector. All Awear is a website designed to inspire and connect consumers to ethical fashion brands as well as educating them on the importance of conscious consumerism. Travel and volunteering with her husband are two of the ways she enjoys her free time. 


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