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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Nov 15, 2023

Our guest this week is the incredible Adrienne Bankert, award-winning national news anchor and host of "Morning in America" on News Nation. With an impressive background that includes five years at ABC News, two Emmys for her work on "Good Morning America," and coverage of global events from Tokyo to Paris, Adrienne has worked with some of the biggest names and headlines throughout her career.

We’ll chat about Adrienne’s career journey, the lessons she’s learned along the way, and her book, "Your Hidden Superpower: The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You with Anyone."  This book focuses on the genuine and transformative influence of kindness and offers guidance on building authentic connections in various aspects of life, be it within teams, friendships, or even with strangers.

Adrienne is an amazing woman and getting to hear her story and wisdom was such a treat. I know you’re going to love this conversation!

3:24 – Adrienne 101

  • A passion for storytelling
  • Growing up in a small town
  • Internships and connections in college
  • Becoming a news anchor 
  • Balancing confidence and fear throughout her career

15:25 – The Emotional Challenges of Journalism

  • Adrienne’s approach to traumatic stories
  • Adopting a mindset of service
  • Being present, safe, and a voice of comfort

25:00 – The Power of Kindness

  • Adrienne’s book
  • Who do you want to be?
  • Being authentic
  • Muscle memory for being more fulfilled and relatable
  • Stop living in fear

38:42 – Profound Lessons

  • Making an impression with the time you have
  • Authenticity in journalism
  • Connect with Adrienne


“I came from very humble beginnings, and I think that prepared me for where I am today.”

“As you do venture out, it becomes easier and easier to stay confident. And also, to balance… You learn how to be confident without being too aggressive, and you learn how to be humble without being passive.”

“When you stimulate your life with kindness on a regular basis, it has a biological, psychological and physical change that you will find in your personal life and your professional life and in your mental health.”

Learn more about Adrienne: