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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Apr 27, 2022

My guest this week is my dear friend and incredible human being, Mary Marantz. Mary grew up in a trailer in rural West Virginia. The first of her immediate family to go to college, she went on to earn a master’s degree in moral philosophy and a law degree from Yale.

After turning down six-figure-salary law firm offers in London and New York and starting a photography business with her husband, Justin—where they were later named one of the prestigious Profoto Legends of Light—they have since gone on to build a successful online education platform for thousands of creative entrepreneurs worldwide.

She is the bestselling author of Dirt (Revell, 2020), which was a finalist for the 2020 ECPA Memoir of the Year, and Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots (Revell, 2022). Mary is the host of the highly ranked podcast The Mary Marantz Show, which debuted in the iTunes Top 200, and her work has been featured on CNN, MSN, Business Insider, Bustle, Thrive Global, Southern Living, Hallmark Home & Family, and more.

Mary and Justin live in an 1880s fixer-upper by the sea in New Haven, Connecticut, with their two very fluffy golden retrievers, Goodspeed and Atticus.

6:09 – Mary 201

  • Mary is a return guest to the show, so she gets to give the Mary 201.
  • She is busy creating the work she was created to do and trying to be obedient to the work God asked her to do.

9:12 – Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots

14:02 – Growing roots

  • When you experience frustration and feel like you’re making no progress, just know that you are growing strong roots.

20:33 – Pruning vines in your life

  • I shared a personal story with Mary about my struggles and pruning vines in my life, and it gives her chills.

28:49 – The fruit of hard work

  • Push through the struggles and hard times, and you will enjoy the fruit of your hard work.

33:33 – Trenches and mountaintops

  • Mary wrote her latest book from the trenches, not the mountaintop.
  • We’re all chasing other people. We all want approval.

45:34 – Wanting more

  • What if success is where all the trouble begins?
  • If you have all you want, why do you want more?
  • You’re probably walking around something you’ve prayed for your whole life.

1:00 – Get to know you

  • Guilty pleasure? Yellowstone and true crime episodes
  • New career? Interior design


If we choose to be a tree, we not only get to grow up to these dizzying heights over the long haul, but we actually get to last for generations.

We don't get to walk among the giants if we’re not willing to take our time.

This book was written from the trenches, not the mountaintop.

We’re all chasing other people. We all want approval.


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